Pam Darby-Mann

NLP Practitioner

N.L.P =  Neuro Linguistic Programming

N.L.P explores the relationship between -
How we think (Neuro)
How we communicate (Linguistic) Using
Patterns of behaviour and emotions (Programming).

N.L.P. is how to use the language of the Mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

What Pam does

N.L.P. Practitioners/therapists use a large range of tools including linguistics, hypnosis and the ability to communicate with the unconscious mind to navigate a client to their specific desired outcome in one or any areas of life.


Problems treated

Relationship building, creative business, negative emotions, motivational strategies, changing behaviours, limiting beliefs, removing phobias, building self esteem, overcoming problems, achieving goals, and being fulfilled and happy.

About Pam

Pam Darby-Mann lives in Molong NSW with her two teenage children.  Her professional background started in the UK where she studied for 8 years and became a professional horse riding teacher.  She was head girl and an instructor at a major professional riding teacher academy.  Her love of horses and people led her to an intense curiosity to learn how animals and humans work, spiritually, mentally and physically.  Pam emigrated to Australia in 1980 and made a living as a freelance riding teacher using centered riding techniques and was introduced to the Feldenkraise method and the Alexander technique, which she admits revolutionised her ways of thinking, being riding and teaching.


Pam became a remedial massage therapist in 2000 and has run a successful massage therapy clinic for the last 13 years.  She has been a student of the Alexander technique for 20 years and intensified her A/T studies over the last 10 years with experienced Alexander teacher Greg Holdaway.  Greg also uses and works with NLP. Pam discovered the highly successful NLP training company Dynamic Mind Works in 2001 and knew immediately that this work was the missing link to being able to help people to be their best. Pam started training with DMW founder and NLP master practitioner and an NLP trainer.

She has recently joined the team at Anula to run a NLP clinic and is looking forward to working with Anula clients wanting to operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence.  Pam believes that everyone who seeks happiness and fulfillment can achieve their goals with NLP.  

© Copyright 2010 Anula Healing
© Copyright 2010 Anula Healing