Body Therapies

Not sure which therapy is right for you? More than one type of therapy or treatment can often help with the same problem. Consider all your options by clicking on what it is you’re seeking help with and we can offer you a a range of solutions*.

General Wellbeing

•   Beauty Treatment
•   Detox
•   Diagnosis of problems
•   Fertility
•   Lose Weight
•   Massage (including Infant Massage)
•   Nutrition
•   Quit Smoking
•   Supplements


•   Niggling symptoms that are put down to “old age” or “just one of those things” without a medical diagnosis
•   Pain or bodily dysfunction
•   Sports/Other Injuries
•   Tension


Chronic • Long term illness • Disease

•   Arthritis
•   Back pain
•   Cancer
•   Chronic illness

Seasonal Illnesses

•   Allergies
•   Colds
•   Flu
•   Sensitivities (Allergies)
•   Viruses and Bacteria

* We encourage you to phone and talk to us about your symptoms and let a professional guide you towards the best individual treatment.  This is only intended as a guide. 


© Copyright 2010 Anula Healing
© Copyright 2010 Anula Healing