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Price List- Updated November, 2014

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Treatments and Therapies


Facial Treatments

Body Treatments

Waxing and Tinting

Manicures and Pedicures

Specialised Therapists

Foot Detox spas

Girls Day Out Packages

Beauty/Massage Packages

Bridal Packages

Groom Packages

Couples Packages

Romantic Getaway


Relaxation massage: Using long and loving strokes, along the length of your muscles gently
easing aches and pains to rejuvenate you.  
Back, Neck, Shoulders $50  |   1hr - $80   |  1.5 hr - $122

Remedial/ Sports massage: Slower strokes, deeper pressure, targeting deeper layers of your muscle tissue to break down chronic fatigue patterns and increasing blood flow to these areas.
½ hr - $52   |   1hr - $90   |     1.5 hr - $140

Pregnancy massage: A beautiful relaxing massage for mother without any discomfort for the baby.
1hr - $85 (relaxation) | 1 hr - $90 (remedial)

Aromatherapy massage:
Enjoy a relaxing full body massage with essential oils carefully selected for you by your qualified aroma therapist.
1hr - $105   |   1.5 hr - $155

Polarity Therapy : Uses specific energy movements to unblock physical, mental or emotional ill health, pain and discomfort. Healing awareness is focused through the hands of the therapist to restore health and balance.

1hr - $80  |  1.5 hr - $120

Lymphatic drainage massage:
A specialised treatment to unblock glands and to stimulate the elimination of toxic waste and excess fluid through the lymphatic system. As an added bonus we include reflexology pressure points in our treatments.
1hr - $80

Hot stone massage (Relaxation):
Enjoy the therapeutic benefits and healing properties of hot stones to help deeply relax you and release muscle tension.
1hr - $90   |   1.5 hr - $140

Hot stone massage (Remedial):
A remedial massage that focuses on the deeper tissue by working the muscles with the hot basalt rocks and at the same time having them resting on other body parts allowing the heat to prepare the deep tissue for deeper work.
1hr - $100  |   1.5 hr - $150

Reflexology: A massage of yours hands or feet where acupressure points of your body’s meridians are stimulated to encourage optimum function of your nerves organs and tissues.
½ hr 55 | 1hr - $85 

Bowen Therapy: Bowen is a dynamic system of muscles and connective tissue therapy which uses small gentle and specific inputs into the body to heal itself.  These inputs deliver signals to the body's nervous system and the brain responds to these signals to heal as well as balance the body.
½ hr - $52   |  1hr - $80

Raindrop Massage : Combines essential oils with special massage techniques to add greater therapeutic benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

If customer supplies own oils 1 hr $99.
If Anula supplies oils  1 hr $135
1.5 hr $185

Facial Treatments:

Our choice in products is Mukti. An Australian owned range that is certified organic using specially chosen ingredients that are safe for your skin and the environment. Mukti, meaning freedom and liberation, are dedicated to educating clients on making safe, informed and sustainable choices for their skins needs. Our selection and use of Mukti products supports our philosophy of healthy on the inside combined with healthy choices on the outside to provide:

Mini Maintenance facial: The name says it all! 30mins of pampering with specially chosen products for you. This facial increases circulation, hydrates and promotes cell regeneration and relation of the facial muscles.
½ hr - $55

Rejuvenating 1hr facial: This facial is perfect for someone who is after fresh, clean, smooth skin and some well deserved  TLC. Using products that have been chosen to suit your needs/ concerns.
1hr - $85
Package of 6 treatments - $465

Mukti signature facials:

All these specialty facials begin with a relaxing foot ritual that will exfoliate lifeless skin from your feet and lower legs, leaving them soft and refreshed. Be even further relaxed with a complementary back neck and shoulder massage to ease tension and prepare you for your facial.

Ultimate hydration facial:
This facial is ideal for skin that has been exposed to extreme weather conditions. It will leave your skin feeling relaxed, plump and hydrated.
1½ hr - $115

Deep cleanse facial: Detoxify and purify your skin with this deep cleanse facial. Remove impurities, and dead skin build up giving your skin a radiant glow. Perfect for people suffering congestion or acne.
1½ hr - $115

Sensitivity facial:
This facial is ideal for people who suffer from redness, itching and swelling. The sensitive facial uses only the gentlest of completely natural products on your delicate skin. You can be at ease knowing that your skin can feel as soft and smooth as you deserve.
 1½ hr - $115

AHA Facial:
You can now say goodbye to dull lifeless skin and welcome glowing refined skin. With instant results it is the excellent pick-me-up. The AHA facial uses organic fruit acids, instead of harsh chemicals. Your skin will thank you with the softening of fine lines, reduced pigmentation and a lighter, brighter appearance. For longer lasting and more effective results a course of 6 AHA facials over a 6-8 week period is highly recommended.
1x 1½ hr - $130   |   Course of 6 treatments  $649 (normally $780)

Body treatments:

Full body scrub (exfoliation):

Rich mineral sea salts and crystals which exfoliate the skin and beautiful oils such as sweet almond, grape seed, hazelnut, apricot kernel, jojoba, vitamin E, avocado and pure essential oils lemon Myrtle, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit and Peppermint oil leaving it feeling and smelling absolutely amazing. Your skin will be completely nourished after we apply a delicious lotion.
Express Exfoliation - $60

Body Wraps

Calming body wrap: Using a specially tailored blend of essential oils such as lavender, rosewood, sandalwood, sweet orange and ylang ylang and an infusion of organic chamomile tea and the opportunity to sit and relax after your treatment with a complimentary cup of chamomile tea, this wrap will certainly have you feeling calm and at ease with life. - $90

Exfoliate and Hydrate:  Exfoliate your skin and nourish it with an organic body hydration treatment. After your exfoliation treat your skin to a moisturising massage and let it soak in Mukti certified organic Pink Grapefruit Body Lotion, featuring shea nut butter, cocoa butter and coconut. - 1 hr $90

Invigorating Wrap:
Great for stimulation of cellulite, with the use of a stimulating brush and infused ’Emma’s blend organic tea with lemon grass, green and peppermint tea and essential oils such as geranium, lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit and jasmine. - $90

Highly recommended- lymphatic drainage  massage with focus on stimulating unwanted cellulite areas.  Add extra $80.

Purifying and detoxify wrap: Be infused with green tea that will help to flush out the system. This detoxifying wrap is excellent if you are feeling sluggish. Leave feeling stimulated, uplifted and smelling delicious! - $90

Highly recommended with either reflexology or lymphatic massage for maximum results and relaxation.  Add extra $80.

Waxing and Tinting

Eyebrow wax and shape -           $17                       

Eyebrow tint -                               $17

Eyelash tint -                                 $18

Bright eyes (all the above) -       $44        

Eyebrow, Lip and Chin -             $40     

Half leg & Bikini-                         $50

Half Leg wax -                              $35     

Full Leg & Bikini -                       $65

Full leg wax -                                $52            

G-String wax -                             $35
Bikini wax -                                  $20            
Brazilian wax -                             $55           

Half arm wax -                            $22
Full arm wax -                             $30        
Lip wax-                                         $12
Chin wax -                                    $12

Side of Face -                                 $15

Underarm -                                   $17

Half Leg and Underarm-          $35

Gents Back -                                 $45 - $50 (depends hair growth)

Chest Wax -                                   $45 - $50

Gents Leg Wax -                           $60

Wedding Makeup

Special Occasions-                    $45
Wedding trial-                           $45-$50
Wedding-                                    $60

Manicures and Pedicures

Polish -                                        $15
File and Polish -                        $22

Deluxe Manicure -
Give your hands a well deserved break with a full hand exfoliation, cuticle treatment, nourishing hand and arm massage, nail shaping and a polish to finish.
45 min - $55  |  1hr - $65

Deluxe Pedicure -
Feel like you are walking on air! Give your feet the 5 star treatment. Start by soaking your feet in the foot spa, followed by a full foot and lower leg exfoliation, cuticle treatment, foot and lower leg massage and reflexology, nail shaping and nail polish.
  45 min - $55  |  1hr - $65

Why not add a paraffin wax treatment to your Manicure or Pedicure for just $15

Our specialised therapists include:

Carrie Gentles

Infant Massage Group classes-
Infant massage classes provide you and your baby with a unique bonding time while it also aids restless sleep patterns and helps relieve colic.
5 Sessions - $200/ or early bird payment only $165 upfront.  One to one classes available for $220 for 3 sessions. 

Journey for Kids- Kids Meditation with Carrie Gentles - A natural imaginative process that provides the participants with the tools and skills to help guide them through life’s sometimes unavoidable hurdles such as separation anxiety, relationship breakdown, self-esteem and grief.
1 hr session - $125

Damian Frawley
Damian is a qualified herbalist who also specialises in iridology, which helps him to see what is causing a problem you may have. Damian can treat all kinds of conditions with natural plant remedies.  Treating the whole person, and the whole family. Anula Healing also stocks a range of Damian’s products including Herbal Liniment, Family Cold and Flu mix, Sleep mix, Hay fever mix and more.
Initial consultation (1hr) - $80   |   Return visit -$40 - $80   |   Herbal mix - $35, (Hayfever mix, Family flu mix, Sleep mix, Bone Spur).  Collodial Silver 500ml $30, Chickweed $15, Comfrey $12, Calendula $12, Arnica $15,  Herbal linament $20.  Available on Mondays, Tuesdays & Saturdays.  Also visits Lithgow and Parkes.

Pam Darby-Mann - N.L.P. Practitioner/therapist. Pam uses a large range of tools including linguistics, hypnosis and the ability to communicate with the unconscious mind to navigate a client to their specific desired outcome in one or any areas of life. Relationship building, creative business, negative emotions, motivational strategies, changing behaviours, limiting beliefs, removing phobias, building self esteem, overcoming problems, achieving goals, and being fulfilled and happy.
Initial assessment and treatment - $200 (1 1/2 clinic session).    


Marie O'Brien
Marie is a skilled massage therapist who offers clients a tailored blend of remedial massage and Bowen therapy massage styles in each treatment to ensure the best results. Bowen therapy is a dynamic system of muscles and connective tissue therapy which uses small gentle and specific inputs into the body to heal itself.  These inputs deliver signals to the body's nervous system and the brain responds to these signals to heal as well as balance the body.
Bowen therapy - ½ hr - $52 | 1hr - $80

Sara King
Sara King is a Psychic medium who senses and can see those that have passed. Sara is live on TV. Guest speaker on psychic TV. Professional member of the Australian Psychic Association and reader for mind body spirit expos. Available on Tuesdays & Wednesdays for 1 hr sessions at Anula Healing.   Psychic awareness classes are on selected Wednesday nights.  Must book.

Girls Day Out Packages

A perfect chance to escape the daily grind with 2 great friends to indulge your body and nurture your soul. Available most weekends a girls day out package consists of 3 x ½ hour treatments that can vary between massage, facial, foot or hand treatment. These packages are available on Saturdays from $130 for packages A  or $173 for the Deluxe Package. Be sure to book in advance so your not disappointed as these packages do book out. Must choose the same package.  50% deposit is payable 1-2 weeks to hold your booking. Please arrive 15 mins earlier to complete a client information form. So why not bring the girls, treat yourselves and make a day of it- You deserve it don’t you. 

Package A    
½ hr manicure or pedicure
½ hr  facial
½ hr massage

Deluxe Package
45 min facial
45 min massage
45 min body scrub
45 min facial
45 min massage
45 min pedicure

Gift Vouchers
Anula Healing has many fantastic gift idea’s available. For that person who may be a little harder to buy for , spoil them with one of our gorgeous gift vouchers that are available as single treatments, dollar amounts for them to spend as they choose or one of our indulgent packages.
We can even design a specific package to cater specifically for your loved ones needs.

Beauty/Massage Packages

Time Out- Ideal for the person who struggles to find time to put themselves first, Indulge with a ½hr Facial and a ½ hr Massage that you could nearly fit into your lunch break.
1hr - $99

Head to Toe- Escape into a 45min full Body Massage , 15min Scalp Massage and ½hr Reflexology to feel invigorated from head to toe.
1 ½ hr - $125
Pamper pack- Allow yourself be pampered and nurtured while experiencing a 1hr Massage and 1hr Deluxe Facial with caring hands.
2hrs - $155

Sole delight -The perfect indulgence for detoxing and cleansing the body and mind treating the entire body. Package includes a 1hr Reflexology to make your feet feel great and a 1hr Pedicure to make your feet look great.
2 hr - $140

Wrap and Rock- You’ll float through your day after being pampered with a 1hr Body Wrap paired with a 1hr Hot Stone Massage, feeling relaxed, renewed and re-energized.
2hrs - $170

Indulge and Nourish:  Indulge and nourish your body with this 2.5 hour body treatment which includes a body scrub, moistursing body wrap and a relaxation massage.
2.5 hrs - $210

Nurturing package -
Enjoy time to yourself and treat yourself as you deserve! This desirable package includes a 1hr Body wrap to re-hydrate you, a 1hr Rejuvenating Facial to restore your natural glow, a 1hr aromatherapy massage to relax  you all over and finishing with a 1hr Pedicure to really ensure you feel as though you’re walking on air.
4hrs - $308

Pure bliss package -
If your feeling run down and in the need for some hard earned TLC, this is the package for you. This gorgeous package begins with a 1hr Body wrap coupled with a 1hr Rejuvenating  Facial , Followed by a 1hr Pedicure and ½hr Reflexology session. The day is complete with a 1½ hr Hot stone Massage and a complementary lunch of quiche and salad.
5hrs - $410

Total indulgence -
Spend the entire day being pampered from head to toe. You’ll leave feeling as light as a feather as our therapists treat you like a King/ Queen. Perfect as a special gift or the pick-me-up we all need. Over the course of the day you will be treated to a 1hr Body scrub, 1hr Body wrap, 1hr Rejuvenating Facial, 1hr Pedicure and ½hr Reflexology as well as a 1 ½ hr Hot Stone Massage. As a special  BONUS  with the Total Indulgence package we would like to offer you a complimentary lunch of Quiche and Salad.
6hrs - $465


         Bridal - Time Out  Packages


           The Ultimate Bridal Package 5 hrs - $405

           Hot Stone massage               Full Body Wrap

           ½ Reflexology                       Full Body Exfoliation

           1 hr facial                                45 min  nourishing hand treatment


           The Serenity Bridal Package 3hrs - $225

           45min relaxation massage             

           45 min nourishing facial

           45 min pedicure

           45 min manicure


      Groom - Time Out  Package 
         Gentleman's Treat - 3 hrs - $230
          Deep cleanse facial

          1 hr relaxation massage
          Back scrub
          1/2 hr reflexology.


Why not talk to one of our fantastic staff to customise your ideal package.

Couples Packages

Romantic Interlude- A perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or the ideal way to spend
some quality time indulging each other together. Make a day of it and just relax...

Couples Bliss

2 x 1 hour Relaxation Massage

2 x 1 hour Facial


Or make that a 1.5 hour massage each for $380

Relax, Recharge and Renew

2 x 1 hour Relaxation Massage

2 x 30 minute Express Facials

2 x Body Exfoliation


Or make that a 1.5 hour massage each for $435

Couples Head to Toe

2 x 1.5 hour Relaxation Massage

2 x 1/2 hour Reflexology

2 x 1/2 hour Facial



Add on to any of these packages the following:

Pure Essential Oils

Hot Stone

Remedial Massage

($15 pp charge for any of the these add ons)

Note: Credit card payments subject to 1% surcharge. Bookings available after hours by appointment. All appointments for Sundays, Public Holidays and after 6pm Weekdays are subject to a 15% surcharge. Cancellation policy of 24 hours notice applies. Appointments cancelled after this time are subject to full payment of session. Cancellation of Gift Voucher appointments are subject to forfeit of Voucher. 

© Copyright 2010 Anula Healing
© Copyright 2010 Anula Healing